Hello 2015!

Welcome to The City Lush!

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, full of fresh starts and new opportunities to grow as a person. So it only made sense for me to launch The City Lush today, with all of 2015 ahead of us to fill with fashion, beauty, love and life.

I’m Angelica Monique, a twenty-six year old woman, born and raised in the Windy City. I spent four amazing years in Iowa for college, but in the end, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than Chi-town. Although I am a city girl at heart, living in the suburbs really isn’t that horrible either, especially when you’re only a train ride away from the city and all the sights.

Shopping has always been one of my favorite activities since I was little, considering the fact that my mother is a huge fashionista in her own right. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t bigger than everyone else around me, so while shopping for clothes was always fun, it was the trying-them-on part that I absolutely hated. I mean, I was that girl in middle school that never wore jeans like everyone else because I couldn’t find a pair that actually fit right. Times have changed though, thank goodness. With the introduction of stylish plus-size clothing lines and gaining a little self-confidence in myself while in college, I’m finally starting to embrace myself, just how I am.

To describe my personal style, I’d say that I tend to gravitate more towards classic outfits and pieces. Cardigans, pearls, ballet flats and A-line dresses are absolute staples in my wardrobe. If I can look classy while wearing it, I’ll give it shot. I’m also a huge fan of using jewelry and accessories to totally transform an outfit, especially necklaces and handbags. Kate Middleton, Becca Tobin, Victoria Beckham and Lauren Conrad are just a few of my style icons. Overall, my goal is just to look and feel good in the things I wear and not spend a fortune doing it.

As I’m writing this launch post, I’m having to deal with everything 2015 is going to bring within the next 365 days. My mother will pass this year from breast cancer, in the next few weeks to be exact, as her treatments are no longer working and the cancer has already spread. But at the same time, 2015 is bringing me this brand new blog and a chance to honor my mother by blogging about the things she was passionate about, which she passed along to me. Fashion and beauty were her fortes and all I remember was watching her get dressed every day, wishing I could look as beautiful as she always did. My love of accessories, dresses and shoes developed all because of her and her penchant for the same things. A lot of the handbags you’ll be seeing on the blog are from her personal collection, which I was always given free range of. The City Lush is my personal way of keeping my mother’s presence in my life, even after she passes.

So, welcome to my little corner of the Internet! I’m so excited to share this journey with you guys. Hopefully you find something here that you connect with and if you do, I’d love to hear from you! Despite whatever happens this year, always remember that regardless of what your dreams are, you’ve got the next 364 days to make them come true.