Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you wait till the last possible minute to do everything. There’s just something about the time crunch and pressure that I really like, even though it makes things super stressful at times. Halloween is tomorrow and as per usual, I just started thinking about my costume yesterday. In an effort to help others like me who put off thinking about what they are going to be tomorrow, here’s some of my favorite last minute Halloween makeup ideas and tutorials on YouTube. Hopefully you find something that piques your interest and get on it!


I don’t think it’s any surprise that one of the most common default last minute Halloween costumes for women would be some sort of feline. It’s super easy to get together and you can make it as fun or as sexy as you want it to be. All you really need is a headband of ears, a tail and some fantastic makeup. There’s also tons of different kinds of cats you can be, from the traditional kitten to more exotic lions and tigers. This lion makeup tutorial by Desi Perkins is just so perfect and pretty easy to do. Pair that with a gold or tan dress and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing last minute Halloween costume.


Now, if you’re trying to be a little more intense and a sweet lion costume isn’t going to cut it for you, I’ve got a few options for you as well. This werewolf makeup tutorial by YouTube beauty blogger Chrisspy is fantastic and very easy to recreate as well. There’s not a ton of contouring or anything super complicated with the eye makeup, so this tutorial is great for any beginners. Chrisspy also has a gangster clown makeup tutorial that is perfect for those who are more advanced.


Another tutorial that I really love is this vampire look by Christen Dominique, because it’s super glam but still scary. It’s a little but more on the labor intensive side, so this would be another good tutorial for those who are more advanced with their makeup skills. My favorite part about this look are all the amazing details that Christen puts into it, like the veins being visible under the eyes and on the forehead. I think this look might be one I’ll stash away for next year.


And finally, I can’t have a post about makeup tutorials without featuring my favorite YouTube beauty blogger Katy, aka Lustrelux. Her most recent Halloween makeup tutorial is of a glam mummy and honestly, she absolutely nails it. From the cheesecloth and bandage makeshift mummy gown that Desi Perkins made for her to the superb contouring to make her face seem really gaunt, it’s a definite A+ from me. If I wouldn’t have to do test runs of the makeup to see if I could get it right, this would’ve been my costume this year. Maybe next year though…


With the products you already have at home, all of these looks are pretty easy to recreate. I think I’m going to end up doing some version of the lion makeup for Halloween tomorrow night, but it’s probably going to be a game time decision for me. Hopefully this post helped my fellow procrastinators with last minute Halloween makeup ideas! Let me know down below what your Halloween costumes are or if you guys tried to recreate any of these tutorials. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!